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Electric elevators maintenance

Electric elevators maintenance

Electric lifts in duration in order to reduce the incidence of discouraged, delays in time for the last day, maintenance of security guard is less essential, necessary care in addition to the delay time of the mechanical application of time, can also reduce the dominating persons formed by machine firing to discourage danger.

Development monthly maintenance Shi, up primary required hanging live lifts, prevent lifts suddenly landed and formed personnel casualties; second view hydraulic oil and oil bit, lifts rose to highest Shi hydraulic oil surface should above tank end of 40-50 mm, hydraulic oil oil color variable dark, oil sent stick, or oil in the has gravel, foreign body Shi, should timely change hydraulic oil, first will hydraulic oil put do, twist tight inquiry took oil filter device, scour Hou, with contraction atmosphere cleanup clean, future again tank within injected new oil, and received good pipeline, Avoid cannot than with waste oil, or lifts trivial in the of movement parts on will slowed wear, while also to check hydraulic pipeline whether has destroyed, search can has loose, if has also to will all find are twist tight, wear old fire of also to timely replaced; also to check wheel, and two axis and bearing; oil cylinder pin axis and bearing; arm frame hinge axis and bearing, lubrication degrees and wear environment if wear strict need timely change, while also to raises lubricants, delay time bearing using life.

Electric lifts, in addition to the current maintenance each month, but also to develop annual maintenance, development of end when the tone, nursed back to shun Syria every month in the style as usual again and again, and also to check your hydraulic system, when checked, in order to guard against pressure oil Jet, landing machine table passed down, any site you must first pressure relief.

And hope is fine for electric elevators work under the pressure of each component in the rule are not wantonly mediation overflow valve, if any mediation entertain after the relief valve, may constitute a hydraulic trivial non-normal operation; non-professional staff shall not willfully dismantling machinery, in order to prevent electric shock or false