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200kg 8m 10m 12m 14m 16m One People Hyraulic Towable Trailer Boom Lift

Aug 02, 2017

200kg 8m 10m 12m 14m 16m One People Hyraulic Towable Trailer Boom Lift

Towable Boom Lift is famous for its wide working range. Firstly, it can be towed by tractor , truck or car for long distance. Secondly, because of its bending arm, towable boom lift can reach not only vertical high places but also horizontal distance. Thirdly, towable boom lift is equipped with automatic turntable plate which can rotate the arm 360°. All these characteristics make sure the wide working range.

Four high strength hydraulic automatic support legs will jack up the whole body of towable boom lift when working, which will guarantee the great stability of the whole machine. Considering the four high strength support legs, it has a nickname called "Spider Boom Lift".

There are three control panels on the towable boom lift:

Four support legs control panels

Lifting and Rotating control panel on the body

Lifting and rotating controls on the platform

Operator can control towable boom lift no matter he is on the ground rather than on the platform.

Towable Boom Lift has three kinds of power supply for choice:

Diesel power with diesel engine

Battery power with electric motor

Both diesel power and battery power

It depends on customers preference.

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