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500KG 4m 6m 8m 10m Mobile Semi Electric Scissor Lift

Aug 18, 2017

500KG 4m 6m 8m 10m mobile semi electric scissor lift

Mobile scissor lift is always one of the most popular aerial work platforms because of its strong structure, heavy duty load capacity ,simple structure and cheap price.


Peter is the office manager of a chain supermarket, they have more than 20 stores in the whole city, and he needs mobile scissor lifts to help him for daily maintenance and repair. So he order 5 sets from SINOFIRST to help him. And he already used them for about 1 month, very satisfied with our quality.


SINOFIRST brand mobile scissor lift is widely used in construction site, building maintenance, factory daily aerial work maintenance and various kinds of aerial work.

Very simple structure makes mobile scissor lift much easier to operate and maintenance. The failure of the mobile scissor lift is extremely low.

With strong structure and high performance pump station and motor, mobile scissor lifts’ load capacity is from 300kg to 1000kg which can meet difference customers’ demand. Wide range of platform height covers from 4m to 18m.

mobile scissor lift 11.jpg