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  • Glass Vacuum Lifter Robot

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    Glass Vacuum Lifter Robot

    Sagafirst Vacuum lifter series are specially designed for handling different kinds of heavy plate, board and glass, useful for installing steel board, glass wall, moving such as granite, marble. Easily handle lifting, moving and rotating with vacuum suction caps and powerful drive system. Read More

  • Stationary Pallet Positioner

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    Stationary Pallet Positioner

    This Palift Pallet Positioner has a turntable top for rotating the load for easy access. Pallet Positioners resemble scissor lift tables in appearance. They have a top deck and a base connected by a pair of scissor. Read More

  • Truck Mounted Boom Lift

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    Truck Mounted Boom Lift

    Truck Mounted Boom Lift is one of the most ideal aerial lift platform for both indoors and outdoors maintenance work. It can rotate 360 degree in the air and platform height is from 8m to 20m. Articulated boom lift is driven by Diesel. Max Driving Speed can Reach 99Km/h. China Famous Brand... Read More

  • Floor Plate 2 Post Hydraulic Car Lift

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    Floor Plate 2 Post Hydraulic Car Lift

    QINGDAO SINOFIRST floor plate 2 post hydraulic car lift is well sold in many countries, it belongs to the car lift series. Specifications: * Low base cover * Dual packing hydraulic cylinders for ultimate power & stability * Engineering plastic carriage guide * 3 different height adjustment... Read More

  • Clear Floor 2 Post Car Lift

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    Clear Floor 2 Post Car Lift

    Clear Floor 2 Post Car Lift is one of the most popular car lift among our customers. It belongs to valet parking equipments, which is equipped with electrical control system. The car lift is driven by hydraulic pump station. Such kind of car lift is suitable for both light car and heavy car.... Read More

  • Truck-mounted Scissor Lift

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    Truck-mounted Scissor Lift

    Truck-mounted Scissor Lifts are aerial working platform which combine with an automobile, the lifts are driven by DC or the engines of the vehicle The lifting platform is movable everywhere due to the vehicle can be driven as wishes. It is suitable for the aerial working for long distance and... Read More

  • Articulated Boom Lift

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    Articulated Boom Lift

    SPABL series Articulated Boom Lift produced by Qingdao SINOFIRST is the ideal lift for outdoor construction and industrial applications, it is widely used in construction area. Read More

  • Horse Load Float

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    Horse Load Float

    Horse Trailer is mainly used to transport horse from one place to another. In fact, it belongs to one kind of trailer. It is towed by car ,truck or tractors. Horse trailers are widely used in each pasture. We have seven kinds of common horse trailers including 2 Horse Straight Load... Read More

  • Hydraulic Table

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    Hydraulic Table

    Scissor Lift Tables Features: 1.Three Scissors design make it lift max. 2.0m height. 2.The surface is stoving varnish. Great corrosion resistance performance. 3.Anti-pinch scissor design; main pin-roll place adopts self-lubricating design which prolong life span. 4.Removable lifting eye make it... Read More

  • Lifting Table

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    Lifting Table

    Four Scissors Lift Tables Description: 1.Four Scissors Design, high lift scissor platform. 2.Hydraulic system equipped with the far-end control and multi-control system at the each floors. This lift table could be made to be hierarchical control. 3.Operator can stop it at any height anytime.... Read More

  • Hydraulic Table Lift

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    Hydraulic Table Lift

    Roller Scissor Lift Table Description: Roller Scissor Lift Table is widely used in production line such as wood process factory, food industry and nearly each assembly line. The roller can save much manpower and greatly improve work efficiency. Roller scissor lift table is different with the... Read More

  • Lifting Platform

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    Lifting Platform

    Scissor Lift Table Advantages: 1.Scissor Lift Table surface is dealt with stoving varnish. High anti-corrosion function. 2. High quality pump station make scissor lift table lifts and fall very stably. 3.Anti-pinch scissor design; main pin-roll place adopts self-lubricating design which prolong... Read More