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  • Elevated Work Platform

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    Elevated Work Platform

    Portable Aluminum Lift Platform is designed for customers who usually use the aluminum lift platform at different places. Customers will transport the aluminum lift platform by truck. Portable aluminum lift platform is equipped with wheels and strut on side of the body so that it can be tilted... Read More

  • Towable Man Lift

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    Towable Man Lift

    Truck-mounted Aluminum Lift Platform is specially designed for customers who usually need to transport the lift platform to different places. Truck-mounted aluminum lift platform is installed on the truck stably. We can make the platform size, and platform height as per your requirement.... Read More

  • Orderpickers

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    Semi Electric Order Picker moves by man manually and lifts by battery power. Because of its simple structure, failure rate of semi electric order picker is extremely low. Without electric driving function, the basic cost is much lower than self propelled order picker. Consequently, semi electric... Read More

  • Material Lift

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    Material Lift

    Two Guide Rails Cargo Lift belongs to material handling hydraulic equipment. It is used to transport cargo between first floor to higher floors. It is widely used in warehouse, home and factory. Two Guide Rails Cargo Lift is famous for its simple structure ,convenient operation and easy... Read More

  • Freight Elevator

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    Freight Elevator

    Four Guide Rails Cargo Lift is widely used in warehouse, factory, home, to transport material between low places to high floors. Especially, four guide rails cargo lift can be used in Car Sales Stores. Customer will use it to lift car from first floor to second floor. Compared with two guide... Read More

  • Manlift

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    Self propelled Boom Lift is a perfect combination of simple truck and aerial lift. So self propelled boom lift also have a nickname that is freely drivable aerial lift. Operator can drive the self propelled boom lift for long distance which guarantees the wide range of application. With... Read More

  • Chair Lifts

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    Chair Lifts

    Inclined Wheelchair Lift is specially designed for the elderly, the disable, Children and so on. Rails will be laid along the stairs. It can be straight or crooked. The movable seat is installed on the rail. Operator sit on the sea and control lifting or lowering. Inclined wheelchair lift has... Read More

  • Dock Bumpers

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    Dock Bumpers

    Mobile Dock Yard Ramp is designed for customers who usually load container at different places. Customer need to move the dock yard ramp from one place to another. Different with stationary dock yard ramp, mobile yard ramp doesn't need to be installed. It can be used directly. Furthermore,... Read More

  • Dock Leveler

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    Dock Leveler

    Stationary Dock Yard Ramp is widely used in factory and warehouse to offer a bridge from cargo platform to truck, container or other vehicles. Stationary Dock Yard Ramp is driven by hydraulic pump station and electric motor. When stationary dock ramp start to work, hydraulic cylinder will lift... Read More

  • Dock Ramp

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    Dock Ramp

    Vertical Dock Yard Ramp is new designed stationary dock yard ramp. It is developed from standard stationary dock yard ramp which need to be installed in the pit. Specially simple structure of vertical dock yard ramp can be installed directly on the concrete platform which makes installation much... Read More

  • Automotive Lifts

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    Automotive Lifts

    Two Post Parking Lift is one kind of popular car parking equipment which are widely used in home, public places, companies and supermarket park. Extremely simple structure contributes the extreme low failure rate. Two post parking lift is driven by electric hydraulic system with high performance... Read More

  • 4 Post Car Lift

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    4 Post Car Lift

    home use electric automotive hydraulic lift Introduction: 4 Post Lift Parking is one of the most popular car lift among our customers. It belongs to valet parking equipments, which is equipped with electrical control system. It is driven by hydraulic pump station. Such kind of parking lift is... Read More

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