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Scissor Lift

  • Mobile Scissor Lift

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    Mobile Scissor Lift

    Safety Precautions: Four support legs will make mobile scissor life much more stable. Mobile scissor lift is equipped Read More

  • Truck-mounted Scissor Lift

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    Truck-mounted Scissor Lift

    Truck-mounted Scissor Lifts are aerial working platform which combine with an automobile, the lifts are driven by DC or the engines of the vehicle The lifting platform is movable everywhere due to the vehicle can be driven as wishes. It is suitable for the aerial working for long distance and... Read More

  • Hydraulic Scissor Lift

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    Hydraulic Scissor Lift

    Driving motor scissor lift is developed from mobile scissor lift. In order to save manpower and improve efficiency, SINOFIRST engineers designed and develop a driving system for the mobile scissor lift. Consequently, driving motor is adopted to mobile scissor lift. Now SINOFIRST driving motor... Read More

  • Scissor Lift Platform

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    Scissor Lift Platform

    Rear Drive Scissor Lift is one high cost performance electric moving scissor lift platform. Principle and structure is more simple than driving motor scissor lift. Direction control handle replaced the driving control system which saves much cost. Driving motor is installed at the rear of the... Read More

  • Electric Motor Scissor Lift

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    Electric Motor Scissor Lift

    Electrically driven scissor lift is one kind of self propelled scissor lift. It is famous for its high cost performance, very low failure rate and sensitive speed adjustability. Motor drive supply all power for moving lifting and lowering. There are two electric motor. One is driving motor and... Read More

  • Aerial Platforms

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    Aerial Platforms

    Hydraulic Self Propelled Scissor Lift is driven by hydraulic principle. Hydraulic motor supply power for driving and lifting. It is different drive model with Electrical drive. Hydraulic self propelled scissor lift is famous for its high precision, great sensitivity, low ware and lower noise.... Read More

  • Electric Scissor Lift

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    Electric Scissor Lift

    Mini Mobile Scissor Lift is specially designed for indoors aerial work. It is famous for its extreme small body size and light weight. Now it is widely used in supermarket, low height maintenance, decoration company and domestic maintenance. The simple structure make it much easier to operate... Read More

  • Small Scissors Lift

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    Small Scissors Lift

    Self propelled Mini Scissor Lift is developed from mobile mini scissor lift. Considering customers' requirement on efficiency. SINOFIRST engineers equipped the mobile mini scissor lift with electric driving system. Consequently, self propelled mini scissor lift greatly imported the customers... Read More

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