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Aerial Platforms

Hydraulic Self Propelled Scissor Lift is driven by hydraulic principle. Hydraulic motor supply power for driving and lifting. It is different drive model with Electrical drive. Hydraulic self propelled scissor lift is famous for its high precision, great sensitivity, low ware and lower noise....

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Hydraulic Self Propelled Scissor Lift moves and lifts all by battery power. Operator can control lifting, moving, turning and all movement on the platform through the control system.

 3 SP scissor lift


5 Scissor Lift Table.jpg


Proportional control                 Automatic pothole protection      Self-lock gate on platform
Drivable at full height               Non marking tyre                        Automatic brakes system
Emergency Stop Button           Emergency Lowering System     Cylinder Check Valve
Onboard diagnostic system     Tilt sensor with Alarm                  All Motion Alarm
Horn                                         Hour Meter                                 Safety Maintaince Rod
Forklift Holes                            Folding Guardrails                      Extended Platform
Charger Protection                   Flicker

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 Safety Precautions:
1. Explosion-proof valves                  2. Spillover valve                  3. Emergency decline valve             

4. Check Valve                                  5. Adjustment Valve              6. Tilt Angle Sensor

7.Automatic pothole protection          8.Self-lock gate on platform  9.Safety Maintaince Rod



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